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Type 40 • A Doctor Who Podcast #72: Chris Achilleos

January 20, 2021

Episode 72: Chris Achilleos

Truly thrilling adventures in time and space and conversation on this edition of our Doctor Who podcast, as we welcome a very special guest. A man with decades’ worth of experience in the art and design industry and a gallery’s worth of evocative, bold and consummate

imagery to his credit. A proportion of which is extra special to Doctor Who fans. Particularly, though not exclusively those who were children in the 70’s and the 80’s…

Lifelong fans, hosts Dan Hadley and Simon Horton were ecstatic to meet Chris Achilleos: legendary artist and innovator on the “Target Books” Doctor Who covers. For an exclusive interview about his life and work. Together they recount Chris’s early days working on the fledgling range; their extraordinary success and taking in how his own timeline crossed with major film directors like Ridley Scott and even pop stars!

Right up to date with a return to Doctor Who and the launch of a dedicated, long awaited art book collecting the whole of that work* Plus, the launch of a whole line of exclusive merchandise guaranteed to make your eyes pop and heart desire** 

Chris Achilleos is an extraordinary man. His humility, generosity and talent are very much in evidence on this exciting instalment of Type 40: A Doctor Who Podcast. Stream or download it here…

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